Austin vs. NYC

New York City at night.

When weighing living in Austin vs. NYC there is much to consider. While both are fabulous cities, they differ in many ways. Let’s take a look at how the Live Music Capital of the World compares with the Big Apple.

Cost of Living in NYC vs. Austin

For anyone looking to move to either city, a major factor is the cost of living and these two cities greatly differ in what it takes to survive and thrive in either location. While the continually rising Austin real estate market is one of the highest in Texas, compared to New York, housing costs are a bargain. The median cost to buy a studio apartment in Austin is roughly $150-200,000. In New York, this same apartment would cost you around $900,000. The average price per square foot in Austin is between $300-$350, compared to New York where the price per square foot is a whopping $600. 

When looking at these costs it’s also important to consider what you are paying for. In New York, due to the lack of options, there is a “take what you can get” mentality. Whereas Austin affords the luxury of more options such as the neighborhood you live in and the style and age of the home you are buying. You should also take into account any labor costs you may incur for home maintenance. Any work done on your home in Austin will cost a fraction of what it would cost in New York.

As of May 2021, the cost of living in Austin is 43% lower than the cost of living in New York City. Even though Austin jobs pay on average 18% less than jobs in NYC, this difference in salary is offset by the drastic difference in cost of living.

Getting Around The City

Transportation may not be on your list of deal-breakers when it comes to deciding where to live, but it should certainly be considered when comparing Austin to NYC. While traveling from point A to point B in New York may take longer, the city offers the convenience of a robust metro system (MTA). A monthly metro pass costs $127 and this pass will take you anywhere in the city. 

Driving in New York is not a viable option. Constant traffic and construction make commuting a pain and the tolls throughout the area are no joke. 

In Austin, driving is the preferred method of transportation. While Austin does have a reputation for terrible traffic, this rarely affects locals unless they are driving downtown from a northern or southern suburb during rush hour. Outside of that, traffic isn’t bad. 

Austin’s metro system is lacking and typically used as a last resort, but the city is famously bike-friendly with over 25 miles of protected bike lanes throughout downtown.

City Vibes of Austin vs. NYC

Austin and New York project very different feels and vibes. NYC is a bustling city where transplants relocate with dreams of “making it”. Ready to hustle, residents are career-driven and focused. While this energy may excite some, it comes with the flip side of being an exhausting place to live. There is always somewhere to be and people quickly move from one event to the next throughout their day. This quick pace means building relationships may be more difficult. 

Austin projects a laid-back vibe. People move at a slower pace, providing the opportunity to really get to know those around you and build deeper relationships with your neighbors. It is a creative town and locals are more than willing to collaborate and cheer each other on. People in Austin also love getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful nature of Texas Hill Country. Despite being smaller than the Big Apple, there’s no shortage of things to do in Lago Vista – there are lots of attractions and great activities within an hour drive of Austin.

Weather & Seasons

It’s no secret the weather in these two cities could not be more different. New York has four full seasons. While spring and fall are ideal times in the city with temps ranging from 50 – 70 degrees, the winter can be brutal, bringing on temperatures in the 20s – 40s that are often accompanied by snow. Summers are mild, but the downside is not all buildings in New York City have central AC, making summer temperatures seem warmer than they are.

Austin feels like summer nearly year-round and produces sauna-like humidity. To beat the heat, locals enjoy cooling off in bodies of water such as Barton Springs Pool and Lake Travis.

Where winter in other cities may be harsh, in Austin it is pleasant with temperatures ranging in the 40s – 60s. There’s no need for winter wardrobes, snow tires, or other cold weather preparations in Austin!

Which City is Better? ATX vs. NYC

So which is better? You really can’t go wrong with either city, but ultimately the right fit for you will depend on your stage of life and what you are looking for, as well as the types of environments and weather that make you most comfortable.

Life at Lakeside at Tessera

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