San Antonio vs. Austin

The Alamo

Just over an hour’s drive apart, Austin and San Antonio offer a different glimpse into the Texas lifestyle and culture. Austin provides a more vibrant and youthful lifestyle, while San Antonio is rooted in historical Spanish culture. However, both cities are great places to visit or live year-round. So let’s look at San Antonio vs. Austin to see how these two Texas cities compare. 

Location & Topography

Austin and San Antonio are relatively close to each other, with only 75 miles of separation. San Antonio, the second largest city in the southern U.S., is located just southwest of the city of Austin. However, while the two cities share similar Texas topography, the demographics and population size differ. 

San Antonio’s population is 1.55 million, while the surrounding metro region contains 2.5 million. In comparison, Austin hosts just under 1 million residents in the immediate city and 2.2 million in the Texas Hill Country metro. 

Things to do

San Antonio Attractions

San Antonio offers a diverse look into the city’s culture with exciting attractions, the arts, sporting events, and historical landmarks. The most famed and historical attraction in San Antonio is the Alamo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition, San Antonio offers river cruises and river walks through the heart of the city and has historic market squares for an opportunity to connect with the culture of the community. There is plenty of adventure to be had in San Antonio.

Austin Attractions

Austin holds its own against the city’s southwest competition. If you’re looking to enjoy an abundance of outdoor recreation activities, then Austin is undoubtedly the place to do just that. With over 350 acres in the infamous Zilker Metropolitan Park, the opportunity to enjoy a walk in nature is right outside your front door. In addition, nearby attractions such as Barton Springs, Hamilton Pool, and Lake Travis provide opportunities to cool off in the hot Texas sun. Spend your weekends attending one of the local University football games or take in some live music at one of the 250 live music venues in the city.

Local Economy

San Antonio’s Economy

The larger southern city of San Antonio has a diverse economy focused on health care, the military, oil and gas, and tourism. With four military bases surrounding the city, it’s no wonder why its nickname is “Military City, USA.” With a wide variety of fun attractions and historical landmarks in San Antonio, the city sees over 20 million tourists each year. The small and large tourism businesses strongly support the local economy, bringing in $13.6 billion in 2017. In addition, a few Fortune 500 companies call the city home, such as Valero Energy, USAA, and iHeartMedia.

Austin’s Economy

Austin might be the right fit for you if you’re in the technology, engineering, or pharmaceutical industries. The city hosts high-tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, 3M, Tesla, Oracle, and many others. Forbes rated the city number one among all big cities for jobs in 2012, and Austin has remained near the top ever since. In 2018, Austin’s metro-area companies saw a total investment of $1.33 billion. Yet, even with these large leading industries, the city of Austin has a thriving small business community. As a result, the city has maintained a healthy balance of small and large companies contributing to each other’s success.

How to Choose Between Austin vs. San Antonio?

Both cities offer great opportunities and benefits, making it a hard decision when you are trying to decide whether to move to Austin vs. Dallas. It all comes down to your lifestyle preferences and what qualities or characteristics of a city you desire. Fortunately, you can always visit both cities given their proximity to one another!Both cities offer something unique to their residents and would be a great place to call home. We hope you can build off our Austin vs. San Antonio list and choose the city that best matches your lifestyle. Fortunately, with the close proximity, you can always visit the other after you settle in. 

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