Lakeside at Tessera 1st Annual Resident Chili Cook-Off!

Lakeside residents at community chili cook-off event.
Lakeside at Tessera on Lake Travis recently held it’s first ever Resident Chili Cook-Off at the beautiful Lakeside Club pavilion, and the event was a resounding – and delicious – success!
There was no shortage of competitors, with each of the 15 spots in the chili, cornbread and cookie categories snatched up by residents eager to show off their culinary chops.
Chili was judged by smell, flavor, texture and spice, while cornbread and cookies were measured by smell, flavor, texture and moistness.
At the conclusion of the hour-long tasting by families and friends from across the neighborhood, Chris Dulaney claimed top prize in the chili category, with Hanna Ottaway earning top billing for cornbread and Mrs. Phariss J earning a win for the cookie category.
Below are the full results:
1st Place – Chris Dulaney 
2nd Place – Cory Phariss
3rd Place –  Andrew Deck
1st Place – Hannah Ottaway
2nd Place – Nancy Vossler
3rd Place – Merilea Pannell
1st Place – MRS. Phariss J
2nd Place – Suzanne Saxman
3rd Place – Monica McCubbin

A special thanks for all of our residents who came out and participated in the Resident Chili Cook-Off. We hope you enjoyed spending time socializing and enjoying the fantastic fare.

Stay tuned for details on our next resident event being planned for the holiday season!
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