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The Best Breweries in Austin Texas

Looking to savor the finest craft brews in the city of Austin, Texas? We’ve got you covered. From funky taprooms to traditional brewpubs, we’ll explore this quirky city’s best breweries. So sit back, grab a pint, and let’s dive in.

Jester King Brewery

Located on a picturesque 165-acre ranch, Jester King stands as a community hub for food and beer enthusiasts. Jester King’s commitment to crafting food and drink intrinsically tied to their surroundings is evident in their approach to brewing. This authentic farmhouse brewery uses local grains, well water, fruits, and native yeast to produce beers that are a true reflection of their environment. 

In addition to their artisanal beer offerings, the Jester King Kitchen offers mouthwatering pizzas made with a unique dough that is leavened with indigenous bacteria from the farm’s land.

Austin Beerworks

From the classic PearlSnap to the adventurous Mixed Culture Saison, Beerworks tackles styles that some craft brewers shy away from, giving each their unique ABW twist. Their unwavering independence shines through as they self-distribute every can and keg, ensuring the highest quality and maintaining that coveted connection from tanks to taps. 

Beyond their exceptional brews, Austin Beerworks offers a vibrant taproom experience that’s all about enjoying great beer where it’s made, with the bonus of special Beer-To-Go options.

Zilker Brewing Company

Founded by Austin locals, the Clark brothers, Patrick and Forrest, alongside their lifelong friend Marco Rodriguez, Zilker Brewing Company started in a modest garage setup in 2008. Over the years, their commitment and love for the craft blossomed, resulting in the creation of award-winning brews. 

In 2015, they took the leap to leave their day jobs and expanded from the garage to the thriving brewery and taproom you can visit today. The industrial-style taproom, nestled within the heart of the brewery, offers a unique, transparent experience where every aspect of the brewing process is on display.

Lazarus Brewing Company

Established in 2016, Lazarus Brewing Company has become a beloved spot for coffee, beer, tacos, and unwavering happiness. With the understanding that coffee is the fuel of creativity, Lazarus opens its doors early each morning, offering a full-service coffee bar with beans sourced from around the globe, each roasted in-house to perfection. 

Lazarus Brewing also produces 43,000 gallons of beer annually at each of its locations, with a diverse lineup of 70+ unique styles and brands throughout the year. Their commitment to quality and innovation has led to well-deserved recognition, including multiple awards at prestigious events like the Great American Beer Fest and the World Beer Cup. 

Beyond their brews, Lazarus embraces Mexican street food, serving up breakfast tacos, hearty tortas, queso fundido, and house-made chips with fresh guac and salsas.

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co., affectionately known as The ABGB, stands as the star of the Austin brewing scene. Their remarkable achievements, including being named Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016, 2017, and 2018, speak to their unwavering commitment to craft beer excellence. 

The heart of their philosophy is simple but profound: “Beer Makes It Better.” They believe in the transformative power of beer, from pairing it with delectable pizza and Muffaletta sandwiches to enhancing the experience of live music in their vibrant Saturday night scene. The ABGB doesn’t stop at making life better; they’re dedicated to improving their community too. Their Hell Yes Project embodies this commitment, partnering with local nonprofits that share their passions for dogs, bikes, nature, and people. With 10% of yearly profits dedicated to these worthy causes, The ABGB not only brews exceptional beer but also fosters a stronger, more interconnected Austin community.

Southern Heights Brewing Co

With a dedication to keeping their tap lineup ever-fresh, Southern Heights Brewing Co’s primary mission is to deliver the best and most flavorful beers possible. The brewery offers a welcoming space where patrons can savor a wide variety of brews, including their core selections and the occasional seasonal and exclusive creations that can only be found within their taproom. For those seeking a taste of local craftsmanship and a warm, community-oriented atmosphere, a visit to Southern Heights Brewing Co promises a memorable experience, one where beer enthusiasts can enjoy the freshest and most innovative brews the brewery has to offer.

A Home in Near Hop Heaven

From the rustic charm of Jester King Brewery, where the essence of the land is woven into every sip, to the unapologetic creativity of Austin Beerworks, Austin’s breweries showcase the diverse and dynamic nature of this city’s culture. If Austin’s beer scene is calling your name, give us a call. We’d love to help you find your dream home near hop heaven.

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